We convert waste into future

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Sustainability is one of the key issues for business success in the future. Yet most waste from the toner industry ends up in landfills or is incinerated.


We are experts in large-scale industrial toner shredding. We prepare up to 90% of your waste materials for reuse.


The risk of explosion is the first big challenge

Toner powder is a very special type of powder. It needs to be so fine that it behaves like a fluid to work properly.

The engineering achievement on the one hand turns out to be a challenge on the other hand.

The fine dust is very light and easily rises in the air. It becomes a great safety hazard once it does that.

One spark is enough to light it up. The risk of an explosion while shredding is very high, that’s why we created a special process to deal with this kind of waste.


Dust separation is our speciality

To be able to recycle toner- / inkjet cartridges one need to separate the fine toner dust and the container.

Once you separate all the remaining toner powder there is no risk of explosion anymore.

Together with our experienced partners from plastic recycling, we became experts in that.

We completely rebuilt and enhanced a special anti-explosion recycling plant to be safer, faster and more reliable.


Shredding the waste into small bits

After eliminating the explosion hazard, we are able to disassemble the waste materials.

Our Industrial shredder can deal with any piece of waste. Plastics and even metals are easily crushed.

We create a mixture of small bits that are easy to handle and store.

But it would not make any sense to stop here. To create a benefit for the environment one needs to sort the materials in the next step.


Separation of metals needs the right machines

Some of the biggest challenges in recycling lie in the separation of materials.

Every material needs a special treatment to be enhanced to re-enter the market as a production resource.

We start with the separation of the metals from the shredded materials.

Special machines are needed for that. Magnet belts are needed to regain ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals. Once the metals are sorted they are easy to melt and re-use.


Plastic sorting and recycling is the biggest challenge to guarantee sustainability

Most of the materials regained from inkjets and toners are different types of plastics. To guarantee that they find the way back into the economy one need to produce re-granulate.

Re-granulate can be used by every industry that uses plastics for its products. To produce re-granulate one need to sort the plastics first.

Together with our partners, we have nearly 30 years of experience in exactly that. We sort, wash and enhance the quality of the reproduced materials.

We can use up to 90% of your waste to re-enter the economy.

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We recycle your waste in the most environmentally friendly way as a service.

We sell re-granulated plastics for your production to become more sustainable.

We order your documents and trading history in our cloud so you are always prepared.


With our partners from the plastics recycling industry, we have been able to use the entire recycling production chain for some time now.


We had all that, but we were missing the technology needed to shred Toner- and Inkjet cartridges safely.


The story how we acquired that technology is quite adventurous .

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