The story of our Innovation

With our partners, who own several companies in the plastic recycling sector we are able to use the whole production chain to turn waste into sorted high-quality re-granulated plastic. Different types of plastics require different methods of sorting, enhancing and granulating.


We had all that, but we were missing the technology needed to shred Toner- and Inkjet cartridges safely. We needed the technology required to safely disassemble the waste without fire or explosion hazard.


That’s why we bought one of the leading high end engineered recycling plants on the market. It came equipped with a dust extraction system, special anti-explosion zones, microsensors to release the special fire extinguishing system if any danger gets detected.

We dismantled everything with our team in several weeks of hard work. Management working together side by side with electricians and our production staff to get it done.


We got to know each and every part of the plant. We realized it was a great invention and after filling seven full trucks with machine parts we were happy and exhausted.

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Well … But then we decided to rebuild it completely different

The experience of our helpers during the dismantling process was phenomenal. Starting with small improvement ideas, innovation took place many times. We conducted several tests. Tried different ideas and were open to criticism and even the craziest idea. We used much of the great ideas of our predecessors, but enhanced and created our own way. This way we can recycle even faster, more efficient and way safer for workforces and the environment.

Even while we cannot tell you everything that we do, we can show you exactly what happens to your waste once it reaches us.

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